Blockwell Helps Find Their Pot O’ Gold

3 min readAug 1, 2022

Meet Lepricon, the company advancing web3 with a blockchain-backed gaming economy. Lepricon’s main goal is to create a viable player-first economy to aid game developers in the future when blockchain topples traditional in-game financial systems. Like Blockwell, Lepricon envisions a future where everyday consumers are participating in community-owned networks, and they believe DeFi-enabled gaming is a major on-ramp opportunity.

Making this possible is Lepricon’s native coin L3P and Ethereum sidechain network — called Leprichain — developed in collaboration with Blockwell. Collectively, the sidechain, native coin, and myriad of utilities comprise a rich DeFi ecosystem comparable to any AAA in-game economy. Similar to AAA in-game economies, Lepricon’s operates natively. Instead of using a pre-existing blockchain network, Lepricon refused to sacrifice ease of use for users. The Ethereum sidechain allows members to perform transactions at high speeds and at no cost, while still permitting off-chain transactions.

In real-world terms, the network gives users stake, ownership, and autonomy within the game economy without the speed and cost drawbacks of the Ethereum mainnet. Tune in, Lepricon is creating a fundamentally different social gaming community.

Let’s look at how Blockwell helped achieve Lepricon’s goals:

Ease of Use

Blockwell helped Lepricon create their native L3P token, the ERC-20 compatible coin serving as the basis for Lepricon’s in-game economy. Living on Leprichain, the coin can be traded, staked, and more with no gas-fees, mirroring the ease of use expected within a gaming environment. Additionally, Blockwell assisted Lepricon in adding NFT minting to their ecosystem, allowing Lepricon members to receive unique staking privileges.

Blockwell Tools at Work

Blockwell’s toolbox runs deep, it doesn’t stop at simple tokenization and NFTs. We also handled randomizer mechanics for Lepricons lottery games. In addition, to manage Lepricon’s community, Blockwell implemented token-gating. This is the process of checking a user’s wallet balance to grant access to various privileges. For instance, a threshold amount of L3P was needed to access the Lepricon Discord server.

Fast, Easy Adoption

A primary concern for Lepricon was to make their network fast and user friendly. This is a major factor when considering the viability of mass consumer adoption of a technology, especially in a community where speed and simplicity are salient concerns. To expand Leprichain’s reach and usability, Blockwell helped bridge to the BNB chain, giving L3P holders access to one of the most robust smart-contract enabled networks out. To further reduce cost and improve speed, Blockwell also implemented a function that automatically processes small cross-chain transactions. Instead of performing each transaction, they are lumped together under a pre-paid large transaction. This makes cross-chain movement faster and cheaper.

Building Web3 For You

This is the type of innovation that excites us, and Blockwell wants to help facilitate more projects like Lepricon that are advancing the Web3 space. We are honored to collaborate with Lepricon to show everyone what we can do. Now want to work with you.

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